Celebrate the festival of Holi in a colourful way
Travel Destination March 10, 2023

Celebrate the festival of Holi in a colourful way

The Splash Bash at Feriado Resorts

The festival of colors brings a sense of vibrancy, harmony and happiness to our lives.

With this lively event approaching, we are sure you might be looking for a fun and exclusive place to have a joyous Holi celebration near Hyderabad in 2023 with your pals in the middle of this week. 

If yes, you’ve landed on just the right edit and Feriado Resorts is just the place for you! 

Take your Holi celebrations to the next level at one of the best resorts near Hyderabad. What could be better than a Holi getaway, close to nature, replete with amenities and full of pool fun? 

Here, at Feriado Resorts Holi Bash, you will be celebrating an eco-friendly and colorful festivity along with a bunch of amusing activities and adventures, such as Rain Dance, Nature Trails and Non-Stop Music to make the most of your holiday.

 So get ready to pack your bags and visit Feriado Resorts with your friends and family for a quick yet fun Holi getaway.

Drench into the Waters of Fun at Rain Dance and the Pool

Start off your festivities by soaking in the water of rain dance and partying at the pool. 

With the additional advantage of playing with the hues of nature, amidst beautiful decor and organic colors that are safe for your skin too, Feriado Resorts offers you the experience of the true Holi festival.

While you enjoy the festival of colors, you can also enjoy the wide range of refreshments like delicious soft drinks, refreshing tea and coffee, the authentic Thandai, the famous masala chaach, all of them paired along with unlimited fun.

Enjoy Delectable Snacks to Satisfy your Taste Buds

Sweet Gujiya and refreshing Thandai are a must if you are celebrating this amazing festival of hues, and we have these essentials all ready for you at Feriado Resorts, near Hyderabad. These delicacies are sure to take you back to your childhood days and let you relive all those memories. After this delightful experience, gather around at the table with your friends and family, to savor a scrumptious and satisfying buffet for lunch- a perfect way to recharge and gear up for a terrific day ahead.

Set Out on Adventurous Trails in the Woods

Wish to make your Holi weekend getaways from Hyderabad a little more exciting? When at Feriado Resorts, set out on a sporting ride in the forest. You can take a walk through the verdant nature or simply hop on a jeep with your group, and get ready to appreciate nature’s goodness and absorb the wilderness to the fullest. If you wish to take a little break and relax later on, you can also let yourself immerse in the warmth of coffee by the banks of the Godavari River while you watch the sun go down and flaunt its colors.

Whether it is a thrill or bliss, we are sure you will experience it all at Feriado Resorts.

Unwind with Outdoor Activities and Non-Stop Music

As the evening progresses, you can groove to the music and unwind while feeling the vibrant energy of the Non-Stop Music. Feriado Resorts provides an enjoyable atmosphere for you to let loose and enjoy the night. The music is carefully curated to suit all tastes, and you can dance the night away with your loved ones. With an exciting evening experience that will bring out your competitive spirit, you can also enjoy a variety of indoor games such as Tug of War, Ball in the Basket, and Musical Chairs. 

After all the games and dancing, indulge in the scrumptious buffet meal that the resort offers. The meal is prepared with fresh and local ingredients, and it caters to all dietary preferences. The buffet spread includes a variety of cuisines that will tantalize your taste buds.

Come, and Embark on a Holi-day Buzzing with Festivities, Colors and Fun.

We are sure you must be as excited as we are about this fun festival. 

Feriado Resorts invites you for a fun-filled and colorful holi celebration near Hyderabad. 

Spend your Holi getaway in the serene atmosphere of nature, along with the fun elements of party and music- an enigmatic combination. Needless to say, you will have an unforgettable Holi here, at Feriado Resorts.

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