Travel Inspiration: Attractions at Bogatha Waterfalls
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Travel Inspiration: Attractions at Bogatha Waterfalls

A Complete Out-Of-The-World Experience

Known as the “Niagra of India” and situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Hyderabad, Bogatha waterfalls is a quaint tourist site located in Telangana. Famous for breath-taking gushing waters that cascade over stunning rocks, the fall is a perfect destination to sit back, and rediscover the beauty and simplicities of life.

Bogatha waterfall offers discerning travelers of Telangana a glimpse into the nomadic way of life. With a footfall of about 2,000 people on weekdays and approximately 5,000 people on weekends, the falls are a perfect place for all those who seek truly immersive experiences while being able to embark on a natural getaway from Hyderabad.



Hands down the best way to explore absolutely any place, cycling through the greens of Telangana and to the great Bogatha Waterfalls lets you immerse yourself in the diverse topography and culture of the state. The most eco-friendly option available ever, biking or cycling is pocket friendly too. Just a 20 min ride from Feriado Resorts, a lovely place to stay near Bogatha waterfalls, located in Bogatha, you can simply jump on a few bikes with your friends and get ready to explore various hues of green through the verdant forest.

Adventure Tip: Early mornings and late afternoons are best suited to trail through the forest with proper gear like sports shoes & dark-colored clothes.


Bogatha Waterfalls

If you are one among the rare ones who love to go through an avian adventure, Bogatha waterfalls may be the perfect destination for you. You’ll be rewarded by the sights and sounds of stunning and beautiful feathered creatures, that come with the most interesting aura around them which makes it even more fun. While a lot of birds have bursts of colors over their body, many also have colors that help them camouflage in the forests. Due to this reason, you’ll probably hear a lot more sounds of birds chirping than the ones you’ll see. If you are keen on keeping a thorough record of all the birdlife that you experience, you can easily use a lot of mobile applications to create an online journal of the same. One of our favourite applications is the “E-bird mobile” where you can click beautiful pictures of your feathered friends and keep notes of their descriptions all in digital format that lets you keep everything handy. Some very beautiful birds that you might spot at Bogatha waterfalls are Kingfishers, Drongos, Eagle-owl, Lapwing, Purple sunbird, Malabar whistling Thrush, Ashy Prinia, Woodpecker, Eagles, and river fowls.

Adventure Tip: Bird feeders are a great way to attract exotic birds. Keeping some seeds handy can help you spot some beautiful species.



Taking a trek in and around Bogatha waterfalls can offer you the greatest chance to appreciate the stunning landscape of Telangana. Strolling through some beautiful scenic spots, and remote villages, meeting the locals, and being a part of their culture can let you explore the eco-tourism of the state. Bogatha waterfall has some of the very best trekking and hiking trails that let you through forest areas, hills, and the famous rocks of Telangana. As a recreational activity, trekking is often done in combination with backpacking and rock climbing. Traveling through isolated areas by being close to nature and surroundings, makes this activity enjoyable and definitely worth an experience.

Adventure Tip: Trekking in a group can prove to be beneficial as interaction with the terrains may require company. Also, seek the assistance of a forest officer while going into the forests.



Remarkable levels of enthusiasm and an array of unlimited experiences are what you can get the moment you check-in at Bogatha. There are a ton of nearby attractions at Bogatha Waterfalls, that are specially built for you to enjoy the destination with your friends and family. The government of Telangana has made sure to develop this tourist attraction in a beautiful manner. There is a watchtower that is built especially for you to enjoy the entire view from above. A very unique Butterfly garden, which is home to the exotic species of butterflies of the state is built with ancient trees, and serene landscapes. A children’s park or play area is also made keeping in mind the little ones.



In order to reach the beautiful falls, one must travel a distance of 23 km from Eturnagaram,110 km from Jayashankar, 123 km from Warangal, 243 km from Khammam, 123 km from Bhadrachalam, and 280 km from the state’s capital Hyderabad. Feriado Resorts, stay near bogatha waterfalls, offers a retreat from the relentless pace of the modern world. With premium rooms, we have a hospitality bundle that has everything you’ll ever need to enjoy living the high life!

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